Session Info & Recordings

Here are info and links to the recordings from this year and last year.

Tu b’Av 2021:

Embodying Self Love & Liberation with Jordan Daniels
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Embodying Justice & Communities of Care with Koach Baruch Frazier
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Embodying Interpersonal Love and Relationship with Rabbi Mike Moskowitz
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Loving the Earth in Body & Spirit with Rav Kohenet Rabbi Jill Hammer
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Kabbalat Shabbat Tu b’Av Stream:
Zoom stream | Passcode: nY!9L$ZF

Tu b’Av 2020:

Judaism & Self-Care — Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath, Samia Mansour
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This session will provide opportunities to bring together ancient Jewish wisdom and modern self care sensibilities in timeless ways that can be applied to each of our lives. Explore the elements of fire & water, and what it means to truly rest, to be in community, and use Jewish texts + practices to develop your own embodied self care practice.

Cultivating Self-Love: A Yoga Practice — Abby Saloma
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At the heart of Judaism is to “love your neighbor as yourself,” which means we first need to see and treat ourselves with loving-kindness and compassion. Through this yoga practice, we will lovingly connect with our bodies and our breath to find a greater sense of presence, spaciousness and resilience. All are welcome, whether you have a regular yoga practice or have never practiced yoga before.

Navigating Across Difference with Love & Trust — April Baskin, Catherine Bell
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April Baskin and Catherine Bell will use their multiracial working partnership as a jumping off point for exploring how to build resilient, trusting, and authentic relationships across racial difference. Building on personal stories and allowing time for participant reflection and engagement, this session will uncover concrete strategies for how to navigate challenging moments, name and contradict white supremacy culture, and celebrate genuine connection with joy and appreciation.

What Does Body Liberation Mean for a Jew? — Talia Cooper
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In this interactive workshop we’ll create space to discuss the messages we’ve received about our bodies as Jews and learn a few specific tools for moving towards body acceptance. The workshop will include teaching, small and large group discussions, a short guided meditation and a little moving around and being silly.

A Movement Practice for All Bodies — Zack Finer
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Experience basic principles of a fully integrated Movement practice in two parts: You are your spine: What is the spine’s function? How can we increase our physical longevity by providing ‘nutrition’ to our spines through movement complexity? and Master Keys of Movement: The human body is the same tool no matter the sport or physical activity. A Movement Practice seeks to understand how we can use ‘Master Keys’ to unlock new physical attributes, increase neuroplasticity, and become more coordinated. Comfortable clothing and a reasonable amount of space is encouraged.

Love, Amor, Ahava Begins with Me — Kimmy Dueñas
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At Jewtina y Co., one of our goals is to make our community members feel loved, safe and seen. We share this goal with the broader Jewish community and are committed to holding the space for practices that make this possible. In our Love, Amor, Ahava session, we will use the power of meditation and movement to ground in ourselves to let love in and let love speak. Then we will examine classic Jewish as well as Latin love texts that deepen our understanding of love and explore how we can translate concepts into action by building a self love practice that can then expand to our community and beyond.

BeChol Levavecha: Lessons on Love & Liberation from the LGBTQ Community — Rabbi Micah Buck-Yael
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The Jewish tradition of learning and growth challenges us to bring our whole selves to our practice, and to treat our lived and embodied experiences as sources of wisdom and moral insight. In this workshop we will learn about what it can mean for LGBTQ people to bring our experiences and identities to the table, and what possibilities are opened when we center these voices in our community.

Transforming With Breath — Sarah Waxman
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Join us for soulful Jewish breathing using our voice to connect to spirituality. Experience ancient texts and rituals to help us strengthen the connections between our bodies, minds, and hearts and explore ancient Jewish teachings on embodied spiritual practices and wisdom of the body. Awaken your relationship with the holiness of the physical body as the ultimate self-care practice. This class is based on At The Well’s Holy Bodies series: 18 Jewish embodiment practices to nourish your mind, body, and heart.

Self Love in the Black Queer Jewish Body — Nate Looney
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With self care having become such a buzzword, what does it look like to show yourself love and care at a time when society renders queer Jews of Color invisible? We will explore the revolutionary concept of what it means to love yourself in the age of COVID-19 quarantine, with the backdrop of police violence and the disproportionate amount of violence levied against trans and gender non-conforming People of Color. We will discuss methods for finding liberation through joy and tools for remanding grounded. Note: This session is geared towards JOC who identify as LGBTQ, but is open to all who would like to attend.

Stress, Anxiety & Self-Regulation: What’s Judaism Have to Do About It? — Jory Hanselman, Nick Magle- Haberek
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Join the director and clinical director of BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy to learn about the connections between adventure- based therapy, trauma-informed care, and Jewish ritual and practice. Long before the study of neurobiology began, self-regulating activities within Jewish tradition have supported healthy brain development. Through the lens of trauma- informed care, we will investigate how these practices serve as protective factors that promote resilience. Using BaMidbar as a model, we will explore how Jewish practice and ritual can be integrated into wilderness-based programs to encourage whole-health wellness.

Spiritual Care: An Interactive Talk on Mindfulness and the Movement — Melissa Carter
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Some would say the current Spiritual Leader is the DEMAND that Black Lives Matter. Within that demand is an invitation for collective service, liberated personal truth, and radical rest to guide our fight for social liberation. The marriage of contemplative personal practices with outward activism can serve as a preventive measure for leaders to take to prevent burnout, avoid crisis clean up and reduce personal and collective harm. Embodied spiritual care is the foundation from which our personal liberation must rise from. This is how we ensure leaders can sustainably serve from strength and value rather than proof and defense. Join Melissa for this interactive gathering as a space to practice that rest in community and gain new Mindfulness resources. Walk away with new tools and care plans for your Spiritual tool box and movement resilience plan. We must rest to rise.