Welcome to Mitsui Collective’s Tu b’Av Self-Love & Liberation Festival
Online and around the world on August 5!

Mitsui Collective’s Tu b’Av Self-Love & Liberation Festival is a pilot program with a multi-stage platform for live experiences, learning, and tool-sharing centered around love, liberation, equity, care of self, and cultivating personal resiliency through embodied Jewish practice. We’re building out a full slate of Jewish somatic movement and mindfulness sessions, workshops, roundtable discussions, and community building beginning the morning of August 5 and continuing throughout the day, culminating in a fun evening of song and celebration.

The festival is intended to fill a much needed opportunity to nourish folks from across the spectrum of Jewish life and particularly those who have been on a myriad of frontlines working for justice. Simultaneously, this program is intended to center voices long marginalized in Jewish life and particularly in areas of embodied practice and self-care, and to catalyze important conversations that will guide more equitable and anti-racist approaches to this work as it continues to evolve.

All registered ticket holders will have access to all recorded sessions through the remainder of Av and the full month of Elul (ie through Rosh Hashanah).

So whether you can join us all day or just for one or two sessions, you’ll get another six weeks to catch up on any and all sessions you wanted to check out. 

Ready to join in?
Registration is open!

Need more info? Read on and please don’t hesitate to be in touch with any questions: festival(at)mitsuicollective.org

What to expect
session Content

This year’s theme explores how we experience Judaism through our bodies and how our experience of Judaism is affected by the bodies we’re in.

Sessions & workshops will range from racial identity and somatic experience to body liberation and body positivity; wilderness therapy, somatic awareness & Jewish spiritual practice to reclaiming & re-envisioning masculinity … and so much more! More details to come as we finalize our teachers and schedule.


We’ve got a wide range offerings throughout the Tu b’Av Holiday! Registration covers entry to any and all programs and workshops. Click the schedule here for full-size:

teachers & Presenters

We are so excited to have the following confirmed teachers and presenters joining us:

Abby Saloma — Schusterman Family Foundation, YogaWorks
Aja Cohen —
Yoga by AJA, Transcendent Active
April Baskin — Joyous Justice
Asia Irgangladen Healing is Creative
Autumn Leonard
 — Urban Yoga Foundation
Catherine Bell — Catherine Bell Consulting
Dor & Ophir Haberer — KinHood & MenschUp
Jory Hanselman — BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy
Kohenet Keshira haLev Fife Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute
Kimmy Dueñas — Jewtina y Co
Melissa Carter
Office of Global Spiritual Life at New York University, Rise Up! Initiative, Dimensions Allies & JOC Advisory Council
Rabbi Micah Buck-YaelKeshet
Rabbi Mira Rivera — Romemu, Ammud: JOC Torah Academy
Nate Looney
Nick Magle Haberek BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy
Samia Mansour
 — jHUB Cleveland
Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath — @akiva Adolescent Initiative at Jewish Education Center of Cleveland
Sarah WaxmanAt the Well

Talia Cooper — Talia Cooper Coaching
Yoshi Silverstein — Mitsui Collective

Zack Finer — ApeCo Movement School

Plus! The one and only Molly Wernick (Camp Nai Nai NaiCamp Galil) as our Virtual Campfire MC!

Stay tuned — we’ve got more teachers on the way!


This festival is made possible by the generous support of the following organizations:

how to get involved

Interested in sponsoring our inaugural festival?? We’d love to chat! Please be in touch: festival(at)mitsuicollective.org

teach or perform

Are you a teacher of embodied Jewish practice? Our festival schedule is almost entirely full but we’d love to hear from you in general to connect on future programs. Get in touch! festival(at)mitsuicollective.org

frequently asked questions


The festival is open to all who would like to join! Most sessions are geared towards adults (all ages) and we are working on a few options that will purposefully be for families with children.

do I need to be Jewish to participate?

Definitely not! While Tu b’Av is of course a Jewish holiday and sessions and content will be presented through a Jewish lens, we are very happy for anyone who is interested to join us.


The $36 registration fee goes toward supporting Mitsui Collective’s work and enables us to pay our incredible teachers and support staff for their time and expertise.


We get it. There are family and work obligations to navigate. Not to worry! You can look through the schedule and join the sessions or events that interest you the most!

where will the festival take place?

Online! We will be gathering virtually in both larger and smaller groups throughout the day. Links to the various online festival spaces we are hosting will be provided to all registered attendees.

How can I be sure to stay up to date?

If you’d like to participate, be sure to register ASAP! You should also be sure to follow Mitsui Collective on Facebook and Instagram, where we post regularly, and join the mailing list as well to make sure you stay fully up to date on this and future events.


All tickets provide full access to all sessions, workshops, and “mainstage” events throughout the festival.


It is important to us that the festival remains accessible to all who would like to participate, and we have a number of discounted tickets available to those in need. Please do not hesitate to contact us for financial assistance at festival(at)mitsuicollective.org.

WILL I NEED TO sign up for SPECIFIC workshops?

Most showcase sessions will be open to join at any time for all registrants, while we anticipate the more intensive workshops will require advance sign-up so that our teachers know who and how many to expect. Once all of the teachers and programs are finalized, we will share the full schedule and information on specific session sign-ups as needed.

What can I expect to get out of this experience?

Festival participants will be gathering virtually from far-reaching locations for what we hope will be a nourishing experience of Jewish movement, learning, and community building. Our goals are to help you strengthen and expand your toolkit for self-care and self-understanding and to highlight embodied Jewish practitioners & organizations interested in investing in and helping grow the space, particularly through the lens of anti-racist and anti-oppression frameworks. We aim to center marginalized voices in our presenters and teaching materials, particularly those of Jews of Color and Queer / LGBTQ identified orgs and practitioners and similarly create a space where participants from any range of identities will feel welcome and safe to bring in as much of themselves as possible to the experience.


Email: festival(at)mitsuicollective.org