Mitsui Collective offers embodied Jewish learning for both programs crafted entirely by Mitsui Collective and those infused into larger programs such as national conferences, professional trainings, regional convenings, fellowship seminars, and consultation on areas relating to our core areas of work.
Our work centers embodied Jewish practice and somatic antiracism. We also offer expertise in Jewish program design, community building, and experiential learning and leadership pedagogies.
We are available in-person and online, both locally in the Cleveland and Northeast Ohio area as well nationally and internationally.

Our core programs fall into two categories: external programs and engagements, which include workshops, speaking engagements, consultation, and faculty roles; and in-house work, which includes programs, partnerships, resource-development, and field-building through professional training and research & development. 

Please contact us if you are interested in hiring us for an engagement and/or learning more about our work!

Mitsui Collective relies on workshop and speaking fees as a core component of organizational revenue. Our fees are based in-part on length of programs, whether in-person or online, size of the group, and the overall scope of work. We also offer a sliding fee scale based on the organizational budget of our clients. Contact us for additional pricing and information.

For more information on our areas of work, see our our Working Definitions and Mitsui Method pages. We also invite you to a selection of program descriptions below for a taste of prior programs we’ve run in the past.

Prior Program Highlights

  • ​​Creative Expression through Embodied Jewish Practice — Jewish tradition teaches that all humans are created in the image of the divine. In this session, we’ll explore how we put this into practice through creative expression in and through our bodies, utilizing embodied practices drawing from Jewish learning, wisdom, and tradition. You’ll have opportunities for movement, music, and stillness practices, connecting to breath, body, and spirit. Dress in comfortable non-restrictive clothing and set up in a space where you have some room to move, to the extent possible. This session is body-positive with lots of options and modifications available along the way. All bodies welcome! (PJ Library 2021 National Conference)
  • Embodied Jewish Leadership and Building Antiracist Culture — This workshop for Jewish communal and professional leaders builds understanding of somatic responses to external conditions, and practices for building somatic awareness and responsiveness to stress. The workshop begins with a broad overview applicable to a wide range of contexts, then moves specifically into the context of addressing the impacts of racism and utilizing somatic awareness and practice to build antiracist culture in Jewish organizational and communal environments. 
  • Immersing Our Bodies in Joy — Bring the joyful spirit of the holiday into your body through embodied Jewish practice and learning that connects us to our bodies and souls. This session will use a combination of song and music, breathwork, sensory experience, and light physical movement to explore rituals of water drawing with joy and creative expression. (Mayyim Hayyim Simchat Beit HaShoevah Sukkot Water Drawing Festival, Fall 2021) 
  • Addressing Racism From the Inside Out — A workshop for Jews of all racial backgrounds utilizing a combination of somatic practices alongside “traditional” text- and content-based learning & discussion to more fully address both the impacts of racism and effective tools for moving towards antiracist practice. This workshop begins by rooting into personal bodies, stories, and identity; followed by an exploration into how racism impacts our relationships with ourselves, with others, within Jewish community, and within broader society.
  • Somatics and Safety — A three-part series for Jews of Color to learn & practice somatic skills supporting resilience, resourcing, and presence in community conversations around safety and security. Our pilot session ran in early Fall 2021 and used an organizing framework of Reflection (slichot), Renewal (teshuvah), and Resource (sukkot) for pedagogical thematic grounding in the Hebrew calendar. Content focused on nervous system attunement and regulation alongside embodied practices for centering and grounding, rooted both in Jewish learning and Jewish communal contexts. 
  • Mind, Body & Breath: Embodied Practices for Wellness and Nourishment — Give your body a break through physical movement and breath practice centering joyful and creative expression inspired by Jewish tradition and meaning-making. You’ll leave this session feeling energized and open, with practical tips to incorporate low-key movement and breathwork throughout your regular daily work and personal life. (Jewish Federations of North America’s Spring 2021 FedPro conference)
  • Etz Chayim Glee: A Tu Bishvat Embodied Morning Prayer Experience — a dynamic and nourishing embodied Jewish prayer experience for Tu Bishvat morning focused on gratitude, connection, and awakening. We’ll incorporate song, movement, chanting, meditation, and stillness practices inspired by the thematic structure of the morning Shacharit service to awaken our bodies, hearts, and souls as we enter the New Year for the Trees. (Collaboration between Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute and Mitsui Collective for the 2021 Big Bold Jewish Climate Festival)
  • Us and Us – Centering the Margins of Racial Identity in the Jewish Climate Movement — As Jews, when we discuss “environmental racism,” conversations and learning often fall into the paradigm of framing the conversation as “Us” (Jews) and “Them” (People of Color). When this framing occurs, even if subconsciously, what assumptions are being made about who Jews are and where do Jews of Color fit in? Join Kristy Drutman (Brown Girl Green), Nate Looney (Avodah), and Yoshi Silverstein (Mitsui Collective) for a conversation on our experiences as Jews of Color working at the intersections of nature connection, environmental activism, farming, service, and Jewish education; and on how the Jewish climate movement must evolve in its relationships and practices both external and internal to Jewish community in order to actualize a green and equitable future. (Mainstage event at 2021 Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest)

Programs and Community Building for Multiracial / Multicultural Jews & Jewish Families

Mitsui Collective is open to all spiritual seekers while centering our work and community-building around those historically placed at the margins of Jewish life — including but not limited to Jews of Color and non-Ashkenormative Jews, LGBTQ, interfaith / intergroup families, and those of varied socioeconomic status. We view diversity and representation as a vital building block for vibrant, resilient community.

Locally (Cleveland) and regionally (Midwest) we are proud to work in partnership with Edot HaMidwest: The Jewish Midwest Regional Diversity Collaborative to focus a core subset of our work specifically on Jews of Color and Multiracial Jewish families. Mitsui Collective also works on a national level for both JOC-related consultation and JOC-centered movement & wellness programs. To see more please visit our programs page.

Programs specifically focused on these populations are generally listed on the events page with a note on target audience. Some programs are exclusively for JOC (or people of color involved in Jewish community). Others are more broadly for multiracial families and purposefully include white / non-POC family members. If you’re unsure about whether you fit into these more specifically defined groups, please be in touch! We’d love to chat about it.

And in general if you’d like to be involved and/or get connected with other JOC and Multiracial Jewish families in Cleveland and throughout the Midwest, please also be in touch so we can be sure to reach out.

Colleague & Pursuing Justice 2020 Participant
Program Director

Grounded & Uplifted

Thank you for your leadership @ Pursuing Justice 2020. I had been cleaning my kitchen & washing dishes during the opening segment of the conference, and something you said [during the land acknowledgement], and the spacious pace you invited us into for deep breathing, prompted me to actually sit down, settle into my body a bit, and participate in the guided recitation of Shema. I felt transported, grounded, uplifted, more connected to my ancestry & purposes for being there, and more open to engaging in the conference. Kol hakavod!

Sam Sittenfield

Such a breeze

Yoshi was a great partner to help plan and facilitate a webinar on self-care [for the Hillel Springboard Social Justice Fellows].  Working with Yoshi was such a breeze, he listened to the needs and the goals, and helped to fill in the gaps with his expertise.  His depth of experience working with emerging adults and ability to bring practical tips and Jewish content really connected with the participants.

Moishe House Retreatology participant

Energy and creativity

I connected to Yoshi's energy and creativity, and appreciated all of the information he shared with us. It is inspiring to learn to include movement, natural flow, nature, and Jewish consciousness into a retreat and Yoshi's sessions really made me feel like I was able to further develop ideas for my further retreats, and also know that I have a lot of resources to help me continue to develop those ideas.

Elana Blumenfeld

Most successful staff fun day yet!

You were instrumental in making this the most successful staff fun day yet. With your help, we have the set bar quite high for future events. Thank you again from all of us for a remarkable day.

Cohort 4 JOFEE Fellow

Inspiring facilitator

Yoshi was an inspiring facilitator, educator, and resource throughout the training. He embodied the JOFEE essence throughout everything he did... Yoshi's patience, curiosity, kindness, and attention felt welcoming and safe.

Cohort 4 JOFEE Fellow

Strong community builder

Yoshi is a very strong community builder. He did a wonderful job bringing our cohort together, creating a welcoming space, and holding the group while we started to form our group identity. It is clear that he has put a lot of thought and care into creating this program. 

Cohort 3 JOFEE Fellow

Attention to group dynamic

I am very amazed by Yoshi's attention to group dynamic, programs, and learning. As someone who also facilitates groups, I'm very impressed by Yoshi's ability to create ritual, allow us to bring in our own ritual, and give timely feedback.

Cohort 1 JOFEE Fellow

Big Yoshi fan

Yoshi facilitated the group so beautifully. He got to know us, listened to our needs in real time as they arose, invited us in as decision makers of this experience allowing our group to really build of it what we wanted while still holding a deep container and a lot of vision. He facilitated the training with grace and humility and always brought the positive energy and sincere compassion for us as a baseline. Big Yoshi fan.

Cohort 2 JOFEE Fellow

A true master

Yoshi was a true master... His presence and approach set the tone for the warmth exhibited by the cohort and the field in general. He was well respected by everyone. He gave everyone an opportunity to share and contribute to group conversations. Yoshi is also a very effective communicator. I always felt comfortable and confident with the lessons he taught and the directions he gave about the structure for the program.

Cohort 1 JOFEE Fellow

Fun and camaraderie

Yoshi did an incredible job of socializing everyone, creating opportunities and space for people to come together, as well as facilitating and teaching us with humor and humility. He brought a sense of fun and camaraderie to the experience, and allowed us to get to know him in a real way