Jews of Color: Cleveland aims to cultivate a safe space for those who self-identify as Jews of Color in Greater Cleveland.

Independently co-founded by Samia Mansour and Ngozi Williams in 2021, Jews of Color: Cleveland entered into partnership with us as a project of Mitsui Collective in August 2022. As two organizations with a highly aligned mission and purpose, this collaborative arrangement provides Jews of Color: Cleveland with additional support and resources, and supports Mitsui Collective in its work centering Jews of Color in its home community as both organizations continue to grow.

Mitsui Collective and Jews of Color: Cleveland look forward to working together to create safe and resilient space for Jews of Color to flourish in Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio.

Jews of Color: Cleveland is supported in part by The Jewish Federation of Cleveland; Edot: Midwest Regional Jewish Diversity and Racial Justice Collaborative; The David and Inez Myers Foundation; and individual donors.

To contribute to Jews of Color: Cleveland, click to our “support us” page (here!) and follow the donation links. Please be sure to include Jews of Color: Cleveland in the donation notes. Thank you!

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