Mitsui Collective builds resilient community through embodied Jewish practice and racial equity.

Mitsui Collective is a new organization working at the intersection of Jewish wellness, spirituality, nature connection, and community building. We seek to activate models for contemporary Jewish practice centering multi-racial & multi-generational community and embodying Jewish values, ethics, and spirituality all seven days of the week. 

Mitsui Collective is open to all spiritual seekers while centering our work and community-building around those historically placed at the margins of Jewish life — including but not limited to Jews of Color and non-Ashkenormative Jews, LGBTQ, interfaith / intergroup families, and those of varied socioeconomic status. We view diversity and representation as a vital building block for vibrant, resilient community.

Mitsui Collective envisions vibrant, resilient, diverse & equitable Jewish communities that model personal, social, and environmental well-being through Jewish nature connection and embodied spiritual practice.

Contemporary Jewish Third Space
Creating vibrant and diverse communities of practice are core to Mitsui Collective’s long-term vision and ability to activate communities in the work of resiliency-building. We seek to build and launch a local homebase for this work within the next 12-24 months: Mitsui Collective Cleveland.

Mitsui Collective Cleveland will be built around three pillars of embodied Jewish practice and community-care: Wellness, Nature Connection, and Food.

Our goal is to provide ample and authentic opportunities for self-care and social/ecological connection, Jewish spirituality, and community building. We envision movement and wellness studios with both group classes & independent study 5-7 days/week; an urban agroecology center & nature space; communal food & dining facilities sourced predominantly from local and regional producers and purveyors; and vibrant public programs encompassing a diverse catalog of embodied Jewish practice and learning.

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