Welcome to our new guide to embodied Jewish awe!

What is our experience of awe? Is it an experience of wonder? Or of suspense? Or of fear?

For us here at Mitsui Collective, it’s a full-body experience. So we wrote up this simple guide for cultivating awe during the High Holiday season from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur — AKA, The Days of Awe.

We invite you to try out the simple practices that follow: to explore and cultivate your own experience of awe, both to deepen our own ability to recognize its nuances, and come to better recognize how it may manifest in the world around us.

May we all be blessed with a sweet and good new year — full of just the right amounts of awe in all the right places.

Check out the guide here and click below to download a copy of the PDF.

To download a full PDF of the guide please click the button below.

We’re happy to offer this guide as a gift to our entire community! And, as a nonprofit we rely on community support to do our work, so if you’d like to make a contribution we always appreciate it.