Day 48: Daily Omer Wellness Practice — Tending the Garden

Daily Omer Wellness Practice 5780 Day 48: for today’s practice of Yesod within Malkhut — foundation within the sovereign material world — SooJi Min-Maranda guides us through a mindfulness practice utilizing the four-worlds framework to help work through all the stages needed for a bountiful harvest.

Day 47: Daily Omer Wellness Practice — A Story Towards Sovereignty

Daily Omer Wellness Practice 5780 Day 47: In this practice, you’ll be asked to envision this sovereign self, and then tell the story of how that came to be. For some, that may be a quite literal version of yourself as royalty. For others, royalty may be the farthest possible vision from where you see yourself ever becoming. In either case, it’s less the external vestments of this personage that matter. It’s the qualities that we embody, and the journey we’ve undergone in this process of becoming.

Day 44: Daily Omer Wellness Practice — Strength in Sacred Space

Daily Omer Wellness Practice 5780 Day 44: To tap into our own sovereign selves, we need to be able to create boundary and distinction in ways that allow us to center and root ourselves, to feel strong and safe within ourselves. For today’s practice of Gevurah within Malkhut — strength within sovereignty — we utilize physical objects of the material world that hold meaning for us to help create sacred space paralleling the sacred time carved out by the practice of Shabbat.