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Day 38: Daily Omer Wellness Practice — Listening On Purpose

Daily Omer Wellness Practice 5780 Day 38: At the core of non-violent communication is the desire and need for connection with others, rather than to approach a situation from a position of opposition or competition. Even (or especially) when a challenging situation has presented itself, when conflict enters a relationship, we are well-served by approaching conversations with a mindset that the other complements rather than opposes us. Today's practice us grounds in unearthing deeper truths about the root challenges at the heart of a difficult situation

Day 36: Daily Omer Wellness Practice — Mindful Nurturing

Daily Omer Wellness Practice 5780 Day 36: Today we begin our penultimate week of Yesod — foundation and connection. As with every week, we begin with the sub-sefirah of Chesed, lovingkindness, which is definitely at the foundation of strong connection and relationship. Today's practice is contributed by Catherine Bell.

Day 35: Daily Omer Wellness Practice — Sovereign Splendor

Daily Omer Wellness Practice 5780 Day 35: Today is all about sovereignty and splendor — Malkhut within Hod — feeling *really good* in your own body. When monarchs hold court, they take on the accoutrement of sovereignty and splendor. Beautiful, gleaming clothing that delights the eyes, perfumes to delight the nose, jewelry and bells to delight the ears. Crowns to signify height and stature. We dunno about you but we sure have been wearing a *lot* of the same sweatpants-sweatshirt combo lately. But we are now on the other side of Lag b’Omer and this is finally a Treat Yo’ Self Day.

Day 34: Daily Omer Wellness Practice — Low Flow

Daily Omer Wellness Practice 5780 Day 34: In the spirit of Yesod (connection/foundation), one and two weeks ago we spent time working on our hands and feet as important connection points to the ground. This week for Yesod within Hod (humility) we’ll get down low to spend time on *both* our hands and feet, engaging with the ground as our movement partner ...

Movement in Chevruta

Learning with different people alters and impacts the learning experience for each of you, both in relation to learning on your own and also to what the learning would be with someone else. What does it mean to purposefully learn in partnership, aka in chevruta, and what does this have to do with Jewish movement practices?