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Day 44: Daily Omer Wellness Practice — Strength in Sacred Space

Daily Omer Wellness Practice 5780 Day 44: To tap into our own sovereign selves, we need to be able to create boundary and distinction in ways that allow us to center and root ourselves, to feel strong and safe within ourselves. For today’s practice of Gevurah within Malkhut — strength within sovereignty — we utilize physical objects of the material world that hold meaning for us to help create sacred space paralleling the sacred time carved out by the practice of Shabbat.

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Day 42: Daily Omer Wellness Practice — Roots and Shoot + Rainbow Day!

Daily Omer Wellness Practice 5780 Day 42: As we close our week of Yesod — connection — today we bring in Malkhut, sovereignty and groundedness, with a practice focusing on our own tree of life: on the roots that nourish and sustain us, the branches that allow us to reach for new places and new energy, and the core that holds it together, providing stability and resilience.

Day 41: Daily Omer Wellness Practice — Aligning Our Foundation

Daily Omer Wellness Practice 5780 Day 41: Today we bring our focus to strengthening foundation and connection for our practice of Yesod within Yesod. We’ll start in mountain pose, focusing on bringing our bodies into alignment, stacked and strong; then move into a seated meditation pose, looking for a similar sense of alignment and strength.

Day 39: Daily Omer Wellness Practice — Enduring Connections

Daily Omer Wellness Practice 5780 Day 39: This week of the Omer, Yesod, is of course all about connection. For today’s practice of Netzach (endurance) within Yesod, Ben Becker offers a practice to help us maintain the endurance needed for continuing to stay connected through a lovely practice that we hope you won’t just phone in … but actually mail in.

Day 38: Daily Omer Wellness Practice — Listening On Purpose

Daily Omer Wellness Practice 5780 Day 38: At the core of non-violent communication is the desire and need for connection with others, rather than to approach a situation from a position of opposition or competition. Even (or especially) when a challenging situation has presented itself, when conflict enters a relationship, we are well-served by approaching conversations with a mindset that the other complements rather than opposes us. Today's practice us grounds in unearthing deeper truths about the root challenges at the heart of a difficult situation