Centering is an embodied practice that helps us feel more aware of what is happening in and around our bodies, where we are in space and time, and what choices we have available to navigate this complexity. For many, the physical sensation of centering is felt most strongly just below the navel, radiating out from this gravitational center across body and spirit. We center in our bodies through attuning to our presence and positionality in spacetime, and in our purpose and intention — or kavanah — by reminding ourselves of what we hold dear and what we’re working for in this world.

In our work at Mitsui Collective, we often refer specifically to the Sacred Center, aka the seventh dimension of place (makom). This is the dimension of presence, of dwelling within the divine container of bodies and all of creation. Connecting to our center tethers us to our inherent sacredness — for ourselves and for all of humanity — as beings created in the divine image. The number 7 also represents a sense of wholeness and completion, embodying the entire creation process in microcosm.

We hope these practices help us feel just a little bit more whole as we work to repair the brokenness in our world.

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