Omer Day 49
5 Sivan 5780
Thursday 28 May 2020

Omer Day 49: Malkhut within Malkhut

We did it! It’s day 49, the final day of Omer before the holiday of Shavuot during which we commemorate receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai and one of three ancient pilgrimage festivals to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Today’s practice of Malkhut within Malkhut  — groundedness within sovereignty — calls to us in one framing the mindset of the monarch or priest in preparation for their ordination ceremony and celebration the following day; and in another framing the final preparations before setting off on a journey of revelation (even or especially if that journey is within). 

So in preparation for the journey that is Shavuot, we’ll mirror the motions of preparing for an expedition. It’s important to note that this is no solo expedition. It’s a journey meant to be completed in chevruta, in partnership, in community. So whether they are physically proximate to you, connected on Zoom, or perhaps not even human (furry companions and nature both make great chevruta partners), we suggest you give some real thought to who and how you’re able to be in chevruta with for this final practice.

What you do to celebrate Shavuot is totally up to you — and we do plan to offer some suggestions for embodied practice during this time. It may be the traditional route, it may be something completely alternative, it may be short, it may all day long. We encourage you to view this opportunity to be in chevruta and go exploring for some Torah, be that literally in the text or out in the world seeking place-based Torah in unexpected places. 

☀️Omer Day 49 practice [5 Sivan 5780 | Thursday 28 May 2020]☀️

  1. Check your route / Look at the map — What is your plan for Shavuot? How do you plan to make the ascent towards revelatory Torah?
  2. Check your pack — Do you have what you need for tomorrow’s journey within? What are the material and metaphysical tools and supplies you’ll need? How might you go about procuring what you don’t have?
  3. Gather your chevruta — This journey isn’t meant to be solo. Who do you intend to seek Torah with? How will you join them in the journey? If there are not other people available, what or who else might you turn to for chevruta? Make a plan with your community.
  4. Recite Tefilat HaDerech, the Travelers’ Prayer — You may recite this at the end of today’s practice, and/or during the transition from the 49th Day of Omer to the Holiday of Shavuot. Listen closely to the words, notice what hits deeply and what may not resonate. 


  • Journal / notebook / sketchbook (optional)
  • Writing utensil, drawing materials (optional)

☀️This post is part of our Omer Wellness Series – a daily 7-minute opportunity for introspection and intentional focus on caring for ourselves, each other, and our environment in this incredibly challenging time.☀️

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