Omer Day 35
20 Iyar 5780
Thursday 14 May 2020

Omer Day 35: Majesty within Splendor

Today is all about sovereignty and splendor — Malkhut within Hod — feeling *really good* in your own body. When monarchs hold court, they take on the accoutrement of sovereignty and splendor. Beautiful, gleaming clothing that delights the eyes, perfumes to delight the nose, jewelry and bells to delight the ears. Crowns to signify height and stature.

We dunno about you but we sure have been wearing a *lot* of the same sweatpants-sweatshirt combo lately. But we are now on the other side of Lag b’Omer and this is finally a Treat Yo’ Self Day. 

Live. It. Up. 

For at least seven minutes.

And if you want to stay fancy all day, then hey, don’t let us stop you. 

☀️Omer Day 35 practice [20 Iyar 5780 | Thursday 14 May 2020]☀️

Today’s practice is simple. Spend seven minutes doing something that helps you feel amazing in your body. Perhaps this means wearing your favorite “fancy” outfit, or giving yourself a manicure and painting your nails, or doing your makeup and styling your hair with greater splendor than you have in weeks. Perhaps it’s putting on your favorite perfume or cologne, the one you usually save for special occasions. Perhaps it’s drawing up a hot bath and soaking alongside scented candles and then wearing a bathrobe all day. Get creative and enjoy!


Whatever you’ve got that will help you feel splendid

☀️ This post is part of our Omer Wellness Series – a daily 7-minute opportunity for introspection and intentional focus on caring for ourselves, each other, and our environment in this incredibly challenging time. ☀️

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