Omer Day 26
11 Iyar 5780
Tuesday 5 May 2020

Omer Day 26: Humble Splendor within Endurance

Chasidic Jewish lore tells the story of Rabbi Simcha Bunam of Pzhysha, who once said to his students: “Everyone must have two pockets, so that they can reach into the one or the other, according to their needs. In their right pocket are to be the words: ‘For my sake was the world created,’ and in their left: ‘I am but dust and ashes.’ (translation modified for gender inclusion)

While we don’t know how long this crisis will last, we do know that endurance requires both the optimism that guides us towards the finish line alongside the realism that the way will be long and difficult. In this vein, today’s practice for Hod within Netzach — humble splendor within endurance — gives us the opportunity to revel in the space we occupy between great expansiveness and humble smallness, guided by the beautiful voice and music of Batya Levine.

☀️Omer Day 26 practice [11 Iyar 5780 | Tuesday 5 May 2020]☀️

  1. Journal from the prompt: How are you small? (2 minutes)
  2. Journal from the prompt: How are you expansive? (2 minutes) 
  3. Meditate on holding humble splendor. Focus on expansiveness with breath in; focus on smallness with breath out. Sing or listen to “May I be empty / May I be full” during meditation practice. (3 minutes)


  • Notebook / Journal
  • Timer
  • Music player (optional)

Practice Notes ✨

  • Try to maintain a neutral perspective for both journal prompts, rather than either a critical or overly egotistical voice. Aim to notice and observe, not to judge or critique;
  • Find the song “May I be empty / May I be full” from Batya Levine on soundcloud:

☀️ This post is part of our Omer Wellness Series – a daily 7-minute opportunity for introspection and intentional focus on caring for ourselves, each other, and our environment in this incredibly challenging time. ☀️

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