Omer Day 15
30 Nisan 5780
Friday 24 April 2020

Omer Day 15: Lovingkindness within Compassion

Today we enter the week of Tiferet — harmony and compassion — with a double dose of lovingkindness within compassion for our selves and our bodies. Our practice for Chesed within Tiferet comes from Body Liberation Coach Talia Cooper, who offers us a guide through our bodies, their needs, and a process for honoring those needs we can fulfill and making space to grieve for those we cannot now and may never again be able to fill. 

You can follow Talia on Facebook and Instagram @entirelytalia and learn more about her work and approach on her website:

☀️Omer Day 15 practice [30 Nisan 5780 | Friday 24 April 2020] ☀️

  1. Notice: Do a scan of your body, stopping to ask each part: what do you need right now? Commit to really listening. (1 minute)
  2. Honor: Show your body you are a trustworthy companion by agreeing to honor every request you can with love, and releasing any shame or judgement. You may be able to fulfill immediately accessible requests. Others you’ll make a note to fulfill at a later time. (1 minute)
  3. Grieve: Notice any requests that you can’t honor. Communicate lovingly with your body about why, clarifying if it’s something you’ll be able to give again one day or not. (1 minute)
  4. Journal: Take a few minutes to notice what you learned. Did anything surprise you or provide new information? Write down both requests to be honored later and those that may never be able to get honored. (4 minutes) 


  • Smartphone or timer
  • Your body
  • Journal or notebook + writing utensil

Practice Notes ✨

  • As you begin your body scan, try to really tune in to every part of you, asking the question over and over again of what your body truly needs and noticing the answers.
  • Make a commitment to do your best to give your body everything it is asking for, without judgement.
  • Take your body’s requests seriously, show your body that you are a trustworthy companion. If your body is asking for water, go drink some. If it’s asking for a kind of food you have, go eat it. If it’s asking for a cry, bring on the tears.
  • Write down any requests that you truly can’t honor now (or ever) (for example, my body is asking for a hug from friends outside my household!). Acknowledge how important that request is and how much you hope to fulfill it one day, if possible. Allow yourself to grieve that unmet need.

☀️ This post is part of our Omer Wellness Series – a daily 7-minute opportunity for introspection and intentional focus on caring for ourselves, each other, and our environment in this incredibly challenging time. ☀️

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